Katsouni Beach
You can get to Katsouni Beach by walking a few minutes from Kleisidi beach. Here you will see rocks with special colors and sandy shores. It is a beach that frequent nudists.

Agioi Anargiroi Beach
Agioi Anargiroi Beach is a beautiful small sandy beach surround by high cliffs. Agioi Anargiroi Beach is located in the shadow of the homonymous church of Agioi Anargiroi, which overlooks the sea. The path that goes down the road to the beach is short and easy.

Flamourou Beach.
The path to this small beautiful sandy beach which called Flamourou Beach, starts from Kleisidi. It is located next to Katsouni Beach.

Kleisidi Beach
Kleisidi Beach is a long and sandy beach, which is the closest to the port of the island, with crystal clear waters. Also is one of the busiest and the largest in size beaches in Anafi. Next to Kleisidi, you will find small bays with beautiful beaches, which, however, are quite inaccessible, as most of them only lead paths. You can visit Kleisidi, either by car, if you have it, or by bus, starting from the harbor and Chora as it is one of only three easily accessible beaches on the island.

Mikros Roukounas Beach
Mikros Roukounas Beach is sandy and small beach. Depending on the weather, it is also possible to reach the Grand Roukouana from its left.

Megas Potamos
Megas Potamos Beach consists of two bays, a sandy and a pebbled one. Megas Potamos beach offers an extraordinary view to Kalamos making your visit worth your while.

Livoskopos Beach has tall blonde sand in the northern part of the island. You can access it via a path near the road network. Visit it when the southern winds blow.

Megalos Roukounas Beach
Megalos Roukounas together with Kleisidi, are the most popular beaches in Anafi. Megalos Roukounas beach is a long beach (about 400 m long), with blond sand and natural shade from the trees. It is at the end of a stream where a small plain with olives and prickly pearls is form. There is a tavern in the area, an excellent place to gather at all times of the day.